Mokichi Okada, the founder of Sekai-Kyusei-Kyo was born in Tokyo on December 23, 1882. Mokichi Okada was, and still is, called Meishu-sama (Enlightened Spiritual Leader) in full respect by his followers all over the world. Therefore, in this website we will refer to him as Meishu-sama.

Meishu-sama was a frail child who struggled with illness during the first half of his life. From his early years he was righteous and warmhearted and was always intent on helping others to become truly happy.

Gifted with a keen aesthetic sense, Meishu-sama was quite successful in his accessory business when he was young. However, he lost his first wife and to make things worse, he experienced bankruptcy as a result of the Great Depression. It was through these wretched circumstances that he gradually discovered religion, which has helped many people in similar circumstances.
Having received a revelation from God, in 1926, Meishu-sama became aware of the existence of God, of the real meaning of life and death and his own mission as the Saviour of the world. As a result of this, Meishu-sama founded the Sekai-Kyusei-Kyo on January 1, 1935.

It was Meishu-sama's earnest and strong desire to help all people who were in suffering. To relieve the misery of mankind, he wanted all individuals to live in a world free from disease, poverty and conflict. For that purpose, Meishu-sama warns us not to think of money as being the route to happiness, but rather to devote ourselves to the task of making others happy.
Out of Meishu-sama's deep love and care for all individuals, grew “Johrei” or “Nature Farming” where food is produced organically in natural circumstances. He also encouraged “Activities of Art” during which the minds and soul could be purified by seeing or producing beautiful things or exquisite art.

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